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Our asset management business involves investing and managing assets for both private and institutional clients. The objective is to obtain the best possible return for the funds entrusted to us, based on the desired level of risk, the investment horizon and each client's specific constraints (such as the need for stable and steady returns).  Our combined areas of expertise allow us to devise investment solutions and products that meet the specific needs and constraints of our clients, by investing in different asset classes.

Asset management encompasses certain areas of expertise, which are primarily related to asset classes: equities, bonds, hedge funds, private equity and real estate.  The value of the manager resides its ability to optimize the portfolio to obtain the best possible returns on investment for a defined level of risk.  The manager earns fees that are calculated on the basis of assets under management and often the quality of the performance actually delivered. These fees are also calculated based on the sophistication and the risk related to the management style. They are generally higher when the assets under management are equities, as opposed to bonds.​​

​Investors are facing unprecedented challenges in today's environment. At Bleu Peak Capital Management, we partner with our clients, connecting the very best parts of our firm, to help them find the insights and answers they need.

​​​We offer a powerful partnership of investment expertise, backed up by independent global investment research and state-of-the-art risk management. This all adds up to one clear aim: to deliver superior investment performance and client service for our clients.

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Investors are facing unprecedented challenges in today's global markets. Finding answers can be hard. We have identified a few key investment themes and matched our investment solutions around each, helping you to meet your investment challenges.

Our thematic investing approach has been designed to help you meet your key investment challenges.​​  Our solutions-based thinking draws on the best of our insights and expertise to deliver investment answers for a broad client base around the world.

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